chapter  11
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◾ Research on the Scene 3D Reconstruction from Internet Photo Collections Based on Cloud Computing


With the great bene t of fast development of the Internet, people can now see the whole world by just sitting in front of a computer. Photos, pictures, and videos become the most important media that helps people open new eyes to the world. As more and more people have a desire to upload their photographs to large image hosting Websites, such as Flickr and Google Images or blogs, to show or store their experience and travels, billions of images can be instantly accessible through image search engines provided by these image Websites. ese pictures cover thousands of virtually famous places, which are taken from a multitude of viewpoints, at many dierent times of day, and under a variety of weather conditions. Aer typing some key words, such as “the Great Wall,” the user can easily get millions of photographs gathered by the image search engine. e resulting picture set is oen organized as thumbnails or lists, about 20 pictures appear on the screen and the users click the next or previous bottom to switch to another 20 pictures (Figure 11.1).