chapter  10
A Comparative Analysis of Pollinator Type and Pollen Ornamentation in the Araceae and the Arecaceae, Two Unrelated Families of the Monocots
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Findings e exine wall of the pollen grains of owering plants displays patterns of ornamentation (the external aspect of pollen grains, also called sculpturing) that are highly diversied. e reasons accounting for such variation in the ornamentation of pollen grains in owering plants still remain unclear. Among the dierent types of relationship implying pollen ornamentation that have been suggested, the existence of a link between exine sculpturing and pollinator type has often been proposed and was even evidenced in certain situations. It is often considered that smooth pollen grains are associated with abiotic pollination (wind or water) while echinulate or reticulate pollen grains are associated with biotic pollination, particularly entomophily [1,2]. ese results show that the adaptiveness of this character still remains largely debated.