chapter  8
Aquaculture: Developing Markets for a New Product: Aquacultured Redclaw in Mexico
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Starting the aquaculture of a new species anywhere in the world implicates a considerable amount of challenges that usually are never taken into consideration. First of all, we have to consider the technical aspects. Technologies are usually developed in industrialized countries where the conditions and limiting factors are quite different than the ones in other regions of the world. Technologies have to be ‘tropicalized’ and adapted not only to the local industrial conditions but also to the way of living of the place where the culture wants to be established. Once the technology is adapted, mastered and improved, the product has to be commercialized. Transforming a producer into a sales person is a quest that sometimes is far more complicated than developing the biotechnology itself. In some cases, like the one we are about to describe, the new species cultured is not known at all and a complete marketing strategy needs to be developed for the new product. This chapter will describe the efforts made in Mexico by myself and a group of enthusiast entrepreneurs and producers that committed their time and money to achieve the commercial success of a new species in a new country: Redclaw in Mexico.