chapter  3
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◾ Astrobiology Education and Public Outreach


Astrobiologists, too, hold a deep responsibility to successfully and honestly share their science with other scientists (for peer review), with the younger generation (to keep the science career training pipeline full), and with the general public (to keep granted nancial support through taxation owing). Sometimes, this responsibility comes from an externally imposed requirement from scientists’ funding entities to teach others about discoveries and methods of astrobiology: other times, this responsibility to teach seems to emerge unprompted from within an individual’s intrinsic motivations. Regardless of the source of motivation, sharing astrobiology through education and public outreach (E/PO) is a necessary component of any successful scientic enterprise, just as are requirements for intellectual integrity in ethically reporting research methods and results as well as an unwavering commitment to avoiding unnecessary harm to humans. In other words, you might be surprised to know that successful E/PO eorts are just as important to doing science as any other aspect of science.