chapter  28
Central neurocytoma
ByMarc K. Rosenblum
Pages 16

The central neurocytoma was recognized as a clinicopathologic entity and named by Hassoun and coworkers (1982) in their account of two unusual neoplasms sharing a supratentorial and entirely intraventricular topography, a relatively chronic clinical course of adult onset, and an essentially mature neuronal ultrastructure despite decidedly oligodendroglioma-like histology. Identification of this lesion was followed by numerous series and case studies, a survey of the literature through 1999 disclosing publication of 205 additional examples (Figarella-Branger et al., 2000). It is now recognized that tumors of this type must certainly account for the overwhelming majority of neoplasms previously reported as intraventricular oligodendrogliomas or so-called ‘ependymomas of the foramen of Monro’ (Zulch and Schmid, 1955), central neurocytomas occupying a distinct nosologic niche as Grade II neuronal tumors in the current WHO classification (Figarella-Branger et al., 2000).