chapter  8
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Device-Related Infections and MRSA: Central Venous Catheters, Vascular Grafts, and Orthopedic Implants /

WithMary Beth Graham

A variety of implantable medical devices have been developed to improve

the health and well-being of patients and can be used on either a short-term

[e.g., urinary catheter, central venous catheter (CVC)] or permanent (e.g.,

orthopedic implant, vascular graft prosthesis) basis. These medical devices

are made from biomaterials, which are inert, nonviable materials intended

to interact with biologic systems to perform, augment, or replace a natural

function (1). Despite the improved quality of life that these biomaterials

can offer, it has been reported that approximately half of the two million

cases of nosocomial infections that occur each year in the United States are

associated with indwelling devices (2).