chapter  12
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- Wearable Computers

Computers have become a primary tool for ofžce workers, allowing them to access the information they need to perform their jobs; however, accessing information is more dif-žcult for mobile users. With current computer interfaces, the user must focus both physically and mentally on the computing device instead of the environs. In a mobile environment, such interfaces may interfere with the user’s primary task. However, many mobile tasks could benežt from computer support. (Smailagic and Siewiorek 1993; Siewiorek et al. 1998; Lyons and Starner 2001.) Our focus is the design of wearable computers that augment, instead of interfere, with the user’s tasks. Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) VuMan 3 project provides an example of how the introduction of wearable computing to a task can reap many rewards.