chapter  13
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- Design of Fixed, Portable, and Mobile Information Devices

In this second revision of our chapter, we discuss žxed computer workstations and mobile use of information technology (IT), which we have termed “portable information devices” (PIDs). These portable technologies are now in use in almost every venue and human activity, and the nature of their characteristics and activities of use do not lend them to traditional žxed workstation considerations. This introduces a host of potential ergonomic concerns related to the design of work areas (and activities) where PIDs and other forms of computing are used. There have been decades of research and applications that have dežned important considerations in the ergonomic design of žxed computer work areas (Grandjean 1987; ANSI/HFES 100-1988; Smith and Cohen 1997; Smith, Carayon, and Cohen 2003, 2008; BSR/HFES-100 2005; ANSI/HFES-100 2007; OSHA 2008; WorkSafeBC 2009). However, much less has been done to dežne the design of work areas for PIDs and mobile computing. In this chapter, we propose some ideas and considerations for dealing with ergonomic concerns for these mobile technologies in addition to updating information on žxed computer workstation applications.