chapter  41
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- User Experience Requirements Analysis within the Usability Engineering Lifecycle

As the World Wide Web has matured, the želd of traditional software usability (which dates back to the late 1970s) has come to recognize-and integrate with-other qualities of what is now referred to as the web user experience (UX). As web capabilities have increased, graphic design has become a key quality of the UX. And in the case of e-Commerce websites, a relatively new quality of the UX design has emerged: persuasiveness. At this point, any e-Commerce designer or developer needs to recognize the importance of the following žve different qualities of the total website UX:

1. Utility 2. Functional integrity 3. Usability 4. Persuasiveness 5. Graphic design

These qualities of the UX design are dežned and discussed in Chapter 51. This chapter updates the corresponding

chapter in the previous edition of this volume by expanding the topic of requirements analysis beyond traditional usability to address requirements relating to these other aspects of the total UX, particularly in the case of website design.