chapter  61
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- Social Networks and Social Media

Social media and social networking systems have become ubiquitous phenomena in the daily routines and activities of hundreds of millions of citizens around the world. In many ways these platforms and technologies have supplanted longstanding traditional forms of communication, information sharing, and relationship building. Although a variety of these social tools are heartily embraced by users, they have been extant for only a relatively short period of time and have become much like a thief in the night, stealing traditional modes of commerce, love, war, and survival and upending them to form an exciting and signižcant in¥uence on the development of humankind. Yet in some ways, the new social milieu that has been catalyzed by the creation of various social media and networks is rudimentary and relatively crude. The basics of functionality and design have been monetized in rare cases and the necessary režnement and further development of these tools stand to complement the progress of societies in many revolutionary ways.