chapter  62
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Human–Computer Interaction for Development: Changing Human–Computer Interaction to Change the World

HCI for Development, or HCI4D, is a new multidisciplinary želd. It is still dežning itself, as is witnessed by the number of names under which it goes: HCI4D, UCD for Development, Human-centered design for Development, Interaction Design and International Development, and others. While there are nuances that distinguish these, we are using the term “HCI4D” in this chapter to encompass them all. This želd is being developed by academics and practitioners, by people all over the world in “developed” and “developing” countries, and by young researchers and senior researchers and practitioners, often working hand-in-hand together in the creation of this exciting new area. Furthermore, consider the following:

• HCI4D is interdisciplinary. Therefore, there is no “one way” or one interpretation that is the only “correct” one. There is discussion and sometimes controversy, but no specižc orthodoxy.