chapter  7
Oncoplastic surgery of the breast
ByRobert A. Grossman, Peter J. DiPasco, Subhasis Misra, and Eli Avisar
Pages 10

Oncoplastic surgery (OPS) has emerged as the latest paradigm in the treatment of cancer of the breast. Prior to the development of OPS, the surgeon could provide either a modifi ed radical mastectomy or a segmental excision with subsequent radiation to the breast cancer patient ( 1 ). With integration of plastic surgical techniques into the repertoire of the breast surgeon, a new way to treat women with early-stage cancer of the breast has emerged. Oncoplastic surgery allows the surgeon to perform larger resections of the breast with better cosmetic outcome while adhering to oncologic principles ( 1-5 ). The goal of this chapter is to explain the concepts of OPS as well as to familiarize the reader with the most common oncoplastic techniques in the approach to early-stage breast cancer.