chapter  9
Best Practices and Conclusions
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Interest in greener products is on the rise. We have seen through numerous studies that customers want products that are environmentally friendly and want to purchase from businesses that operate in an ethical manner. The 2010 Green Brands Survey proves this point out by reporting that even in a down economy, consumers are buying products with eco-bene•ts. This is not limited to Western countries either; we see signi•cant interest in emerging economies, with more than 70 percent of consumers in China, India, and Brazil saying they will spend more on sustainable products. This truly is a global phenomenon because over 60 percent of those surveyed expressed a desire to purchase products from environmentally responsible companies. In the United States, 75 percent of consumers indicated that it is important to them that the brands they buy come from green companies. (Globe-Net 2010)

Why are consumers interested in purchasing greener products? Both B2C and B2B customers are responding to the global green explosion. I believe that the heightened awareness of global environmental issues such as climate change, scarcity of water, air pollution, and the use of toxic chemicals is prompting a focus on doing some good with your purchasing power. Companies are responding by meeting customers’ needs with their sustainability programs.