chapter  2
Market Drivers for Greener Products
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In 2010, a global Green Brands Survey concluded that “consumers plan to spend the same or more money on green products in the coming year, with more than 70 percent of consumers in China, India and Brazil saying they will spend more.” A strong global demand for greener products was indicated by over 60 percent in all countries surveyed, indicating that they want to purchase products from environmentally responsible companies. (Cohen & Wolfe 2011)

This survey demonstrates the growing desire of consumers for more sustainable products. “It is striking an interest in the environment and sustainability appears to be on the rise in markets all across the world, but the speci•c issues on which consumers are focused varies from country to country,” said Dan Esty, chairman of Esty Environmental Partners. A majority of respondents indicated that the key focus areas for greener products should be reducing toxics and dangerous substances, followed by water conservation or recycling. Consumer’s ranked environmental consciousness among the most important product attributes.