chapter  10
56 Pages

- Pollutant Emissions

WithCharles E. Baukal, Jr., I.-Ping Chung, Stephen B. Londerville, James G. Seebold, and Richard T. Waibel

The purpose of this chapter is to alert the interested reader about the potential effects on pollutant emissions of the combustion processes in the petrochemical and hydrocarbon industries. There continues to be increasing interest in reducing pollutant emissions of all types from all combustion processes. One prognosticator predicts that this will continue well into the future.1 These pollutants have deleterious effects on both the environment and on the health of humans and animals. Efforts are underway from

a broad cross section of organizations to improve existing techniques and to develop new techniques for minimizing pollution. Table 10.1 shows the air quality standards for ambient air concentrations of six criteria pollutants identi-ed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Figure 10.1 shows that 127 million people in the United States are living in counties where the ambient air quality does not meet at least one health-based standard, where the primary pollutants are ozone and particulate matter.2