chapter  16
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- Air Heaters

WithNigel Webley

Air heaters are used in a wide range of industries-for preheating of process heaters in the petrochemical and rening industries; for detergent, coal, or fertilizer drying; and for other heating and drying applications, for example, in the chemical, soap, paper, food, and cement industries. The capacity range is from 1 to 100  MW (3 to 340 MM Btu/h) with outlet temperatures typically from 200°C to 1000°C (392°F to 1800°F). Direct-red air heaters are suitable for use with various fuels including residual fuel oil and diesel oil, a wide range of gases including natural gas, liqueed petroleum gas (LPG), renery gas, coke oven gas, and blast furnace gas, and coal.