chapter  9
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- Fermentation and Koumiss

ByWenyi Zhang, Heping Zhang

Koumiss, also called chige, chigo, arrag, or airag (in Mongolian language), is a fermented low alcohol-containing beverage. The name koumiss is probably derived from a tribe, the Kumanes, who live in the area along the Kuma River in the Asiatic Steppes (Robinson et al. 2002). For centuries, koumiss has been a popular drink and considered a complete nutriment with medicinal properties to assist in the treatment of ailments (Ishii and Konagaya 2002). In addition, it is served in special celebratory activities, particularly among populations in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia of China. People in those regions of China imbibed koumiss during grand festivities and sacri…cial offerings (Hasisurong et al. 2003).