chapter  20
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- Cheddar and Related Hard Cheeses

ByStephanie Clark, Shantanu Agarwal

The name cheddar stems from the fact that cheddar cheese originated in the village of Cheddar, in Somerset, England in the nineteenth century (Banks and Williams 2004). The term “cheddaring” speci-…es the process of piling and repiling of blocks of warm curd in cheese vats. During the cheddaring period of about 2 h, lactic acid increases rapidly, and the proteins stretch and align, which results in body and texture characteristics of cheddar cheese. The …rst cheddar cheese factory in the U.S., other than farmhouse cheesemaking, was established in New York in 1861 (Lawrence and Gilles 1987a). The procedures for cheddar cheese manufacture were popularized in the U.S. in 1876 by Robert McCadam, leading to the evolution of the American cheddar cheese industry (Kosikowski and Mistry 1997a).