chapter  25
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- Hispánico Cheese

BySonia Garde, Marta Ávila, Antonia Picon, Manuel Nuñez

Spain is the seventh producer of milk in the European Union, contributing 6% of the total volume. Cow milk accounted for 85.2% of the year 2010 national milk production, ewe milk for 7.8%, and goat milk for 7.0% (MARM 2010). Most of ewe and goat milk, mixed with cow milk, is used to manufacture blended milk cheeses, which include milk from two or three species. Blended milk cheeses represent around 40% of the total cheese production and consumption in Spain, as shown in Table 25.1. Traditionally, proportions of milk from the different species in blended milk cheeses showed great variability, depending basically on the seasonality of production and the price of milk. Gradually, the sector is tending to standardize milk blends, with the aim of achieving higher homogeneity in cheese composition and “avor. The majority of Spanish blended milk cheeses are included in three main types: Hispánico cheese, Ibérico cheese, and de la Mesta cheese. Each of these types has its own quality regulations (Anon. 1987) that establish milk proportions and de…ne the requirements for composition, characteristics, and manufacturing procedures that each type of cheese must meet.