chapter  35
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- Ecosystem of Greek Spontaneously Fermented Sausages

ByG.-J. E. Nychas, E. H. Drosinos, and S. Paramithiotis

Meat fermentation has been the epicenter of thorough research over the last decade. Availability of meat, as a raw material, was the key element for the development of fermented products with enhanced shelf life and modi…ed organoleptic and nutritional properties. Dry fermented sausages are one of the most important meat products. They are characterized by a long shelf life and a remarkable safety record due to many factors, namely, curing salts, lactic acid produced by the lactic microbiota, nitrite produced from nitrate by members of the genus Kocuria, and the drying that occurs during the ripening process. In the present chapter, the available literature concerning traditional Greek fermented sausages is reviewed.