chapter  39
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- Sucuk: Turkish Dry-Fermented Sausage

ByHüseyin Bozkurt, K. Bülent Belibağlı

Sausage is one of the most important products in total meat consumption. Bratwurst, mettwurst, wienerwurst, and the many hard salamis of Italian, German, and Swiss origin are very popular in markets. Sausages termed as “fermented sausage” are categorized into two groups: dry and semi-dry sausages. Ripening periods of dry sausages (Italian salami or Italian-style salami “Milano,” “Sicilian,” and “Genoa,” German salami, pepperoni, hard salami, and Turkish-style “Sucuk”) vary between 10 and 100 days, and these types of products are not smoked. Dry sausages are ready to be sold and consumed because they contain about 35% of water.