chapter  41
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- Malaysian Fermented Fish Products

ByNurul Huda

In 2009, peninsular Malaysia landed around 1,064,422 tons of marine …sh, which was 76.5% of the total landing of marine …sh in Malaysia (Department of Fisheries 2010). The majorities of landed marine …sh (63%) are consumed while fresh; the rest are frozen (1%), cured (11%), made into …sh meal (20%), or disposed of by other means (5%). The category of cured …sh includes dried/salted/smoked products (28%), steamed/boiled products (5%), fermented products (28%), and other products such as …sh crackers and …sh balls (39%). The most signi…cant fermented …sh product produced in Malaysia is belacan, followed by budu and cincalok. Another fermented …sh product produced in Malaysia is pekasam. This chapter describes general processing methods of fermented …sh products in Malaysia and presents some data describing their composition and microbial quality.