chapter  24
Outsourcing Information Technology Services
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Outsourcing is certainly nothing new to the health care industry. Health care executives and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) ocers are constantly facing new projects and technological changes, including compliance initiatives that force them to rethink their information technology (IT) strategies. Health care in particular is faced not only with having to embrace the information technologies of the twenty-rst century but also to perform overall health care operations more e- ciently. ese areas are the backbone of HIPAA Administrative Simplication. With the growing HIPAA compliance pressures, there simply is not enough manpower and expertise in-house to get everything done, especially when it comes to information security. Even if your organization has never outsourced IT or information security services, you might be able to replicate the proven outsourcing methodologies used in other functions in your organization to make outsourcing work for you here as well.