chapter  5
Cosmetic uses of Botulinum toxin A in the lower face, neck, and upper chest
ByAnthony V. Benedetto
Pages 50

PERIORAL LIP LINES OR RHYTIDES Introduction: Problem Assessment and Patient Selection As the eyes are the center of focus for the upper face, enabling an individual to express deep felt emotions and personal sentiment, the mouth also is the center of focus for the lower face. A full lip with a smooth and distinct border of the vermillion delineating it from the rest of the cutaneous lip is the hallmark of youth with all its pristine beauty. With time and sun exposure, the lips become thin, flaccid, elongated, and wrinkled, lacking substance and contour. What once reflected a person’s vitality and sensuality now reveals the passing years of trials and tribulation, leaving one appearing weary and worn, evidenced by wrinkles on the face and betrayed by perioral rhytides.