chapter  7
Facial and lower limb contouring
ByWoffles T. L. Wu
Pages 17

YOUTH AND “SQUARE JAWS” A youthful face is characterized by healthy clear skin, a taut firmly projected mid face, a smooth unbroken contour from the lower lid eyelash margin to the upper lip, a relaxed appearance with absence of muscle imbalance or strain, and a generally triangular face with highlights over the malar and chin prominences ( 8 ). Due to a myriad of reasons including volume depletion and soft tissue sagging, as the face ages, it takes on a more squarish appearance and eventually there is an inversion of the triangle of youth. Part of the rejuvenative process, whether by surgical or nonsurgical means, involves triangulating the face to restore the sharp, heart-shaped ideal of most cultures. This restores to some degree one aspect of a youthful look.