chapter  11
46 Pages

- GPU Matrix Multiplication

ByJunjie Li, Sanjay Ranka, Sartaj Sahni

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) were developed originally to meet the computational needs of algorithms for rendering computer graphics. The rapid and enormous growth in sophistication of graphics applications such as computer games has resulted in the availability of GPUs that have hundreds of processors and peak performance near a teraflop and that sell for hundreds up to a few thousand dollars. Although GPUs are optimized for graphics calculations, their low cost per gigaflop has motivated significant research into their efficient use for non-graphics applications. The effort being expended in this direction has long-lasting potential because the widespread use of GPUs in the vibrant computer games industry almost ensures the longevity of GPUs. So, unlike traditional multimillion-dollar supercomputers whose development cost had to be borne entirely by a relatively small supercomputing community, GPUs are backed by a very large gaming industry. This makes it more likely that GPU architectures will remain economically viable and will continue to evolve.