chapter  14
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1540 and 1450 nm Noninvasive Rejuvenation

ByMurad Alam, Te-Shao Hsu, Jeffrey S. Dover, Kenneth A. Arndt

Nonablative laser and light treatments, also known as photorejuvenation, have over the past five years largely co-opted traditional carbon dioxide and erbium (Er):YAG ablative resurfacing. Nonablative procedures purport to provide many of the same benefits as ablative procedures, without the protracted downtime associated with cutaneous re-epithelialization. As such, these minimally invasive therapies have become an accepted modality for reducing the visible signs of photodamage in young and middle-aged adults, and as a result, the number of devices available for this indication has proliferated. In this chapter, two nonablative lasers, the 1450 nm diode laser and the 1540 nm Er:glass laser are discussed. There are some preliminary studies to indicate that these lasers may have efficacy in the nonablative treatment of facial rhytides.