chapter  5
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ByGerhard Sattler

Liposuction is the surgical procedure of removing fat cells by using specially designed suction devices. Using stiff hollow cannulas, the subcutaneous fat can be removed through tiny incisions. On minimizing the total number of adipocytes, fat cannot be stored in the treated body areas any longer. Since its first description in 1975, the method has constantly been improved. Today, liposuction should rather be called ‘‘liposculpturing,’’ as the precise forming of body areas (body contouring) is possible. It is the most common procedure performed in cosmetic surgery worldwide. Besides the cosmetic indications, liposuction has been established as an effective treatment in noncosmetic indications as well. By setting up internationally accepted guidelines for liposuction, renowned medical societies try to establish high quality standards to achieve predictable operative outcome and minimal surgical risk (1).