chapter  10
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Scaling Behavior of the Elastic Modulus in Colloidal Networks of Fat Crystals

ByTarek S. Awad, Michael A. Rogers, Alejandro G. Marangoni

Fats are the main structural components in many food products, including margarine, chocolate, butter, and spreads. The sensory characteristics of fat-structured materials such as spreadability, hardness, and mouth-feel are highly dependent on the structure of the underlying fat crystal network, which controls its macroscopic rheologic properties [1-5]. This fat crystal network is built by the interaction of polycrystalline fat particles, which provides firmness or solidlike behavior to

the plastic fats [1-5]. The amount, geometry, and spatial distribution of solid fat crystals, as well as their interactions at different levels within the network all affect the rheological properties of fats and fat-structured food products.