chapter  15
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Liquid-Multiple Solid Phase Equilibria in Fats: Theory and Experiments

WithL. H. Wesdorp, J. A. van Meeteren, S. de Jong, R. v.d. Giessen, P. Overbosch, P. A. M. Grootscholten, M. Struik, E. Royers, A. Don, Th. de Loos, C. Peters,

It is important for the production of fat containing food products to control the melting and solidification behaviour of edible oils and fats. The objective of this work is to develop a method to predict the melting range and solid phase composi-

tion of fats from their overall composition. Fats consist of triacylglycerols (TAGs), which show polymorphism in the solid phase. The polymorphic behaviour is reviewed. The nomenclature for TAGs and groups of TAGs used in this work is explained. Existing methods for solid phase prediction are discussed.