chapter  10
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Poly(vinyl aldehyde)s, Poly(vinyl ketone)s, and Phosphorus-Containing Vinyl Polymers

WithOskar Nuyken

The oldest method for the preparation of acrolein, the acid-catalyzed thermolysis of glycerol (dehydration) at about 190 C, is still used today to obtain acrolein on a laboratory scale [3]:


By support of KHSO4 the yield can be enhanced up to 50% [14]. Further possibilities are the reaction of gaseous propene with a suspension of HgSO4 in aqueous sulfuric acid [15]:


or the pyrolytic cleavage of 2,3-dihydropyrane [16,17]:


The first efficient and profitable manufacturing process for acrolein was established by Degussa AG, Germany, in 1942 [8,18-20]. It depends on the gas-phase condensation (addition and dehydration) of formaldehyde with acetaldehyde at 300 to 320 C. In the presence of alkaline silica gel catalysts yields as high as 82% were achieved.