chapter  1
18 Pages

IEEE 802.16-Based WirelessMAN

WithSahar Ghazal, Jalel Ben-Othman

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.16 standard is a real revolution in wireless metropolitan area networks that enables high-speed access to data, video, and voice services. This chapter discusses the quality of service (QoS) specified by the IEEE 802.16 standard is detailed and some previous works on scheduling uplink service flows. It presents the IEEE 802.16 media access control (MAC), examines physical layers and proposes QoS and mobility issues are discussed, concentrating on QoS scheduling methods and mechanisms. IEEE 802.16 is mainly aimed at providing broadband wireless access and thus it may be considered as an attractive alternative solution to wired broadband technologies like digital subscriber line and cable modem access. The IEEE 802.16 MAC layer enables classification of traffic flow and maps them to connections with specific scheduling services. Ongoing development and industry support for the new standard led to the development of a mobile version of IEEE 802.16.