chapter  10
14 Pages

Mobility Management in Mobile WiMAX

WithShiao-Li Taso, You-Lin Chen

This chapter provides an overview of mobility management in a Mobile Microwave Access (WiMAX) network. It introduces the system architecture of a Mobile WiMAX network. Based on this network architecture, the chapter presents location management of a mobile station (MS) in idle mode, link layer mobility management, and network layer mobility management. It summarizes mobility management in Mobile WiMAX. Mobility-related procedures for MSs in a Mobile WiMAX network can be categorized into location management for idle-mode MSs and mobility management for active-mode MSs. Connectivity service network-anchored mobility management involves MSs moving from the current foreign agent (FA) to another FA. Mobility management is the essential and crucial functions in Mobile WiMAX. A Mobile WiMAX network consists of three major components: MSs, network access providers, and network service providers. Similar to other mobile communication systems, Mobile WiMAX defines its own idle-mode operations and a paging network architecture.