chapter  11
38 Pages

Dynamic Network Selection in Wireless LAN/MAN Heterogeneous Networks

WithOlga Ormond, Gabriel-Miro Muntean, John Murphy

This chapter describes the design of intelligent network selection strategies for initial call setup and for subsequent dynamic handover in wireless heterogeneous networks for transfer of future application data. It proposes a utility-based algorithm that accounts for user time constraints, estimates complete delivery time, and then selects the most promising access network based on consumer surplus difference. In Service-oriented heterogeneous wireless network environment, service provision is decoupled from the delivery mechanism, introducing service providers as a third party into the wireless arena. Traditionally each mobile user was attached by contract to one sole network operator and the offered wireless applications were voice and short message service. The chapter presents a study on the proposal for an intelligent utility-based network selection strategy for initial call setup, and for subsequent dynamic handover, in wireless local area network/metropolitan area network heterogeneous networks for transfer of non-real-time data files.