chapter  12
20 Pages

Mobility Support for Wireless PANs, LANs, and MANs

WithMarc Emmelmann, Berthold Rathke, Adam Wolisz

Mobility support in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802 wireless networks may be defined as the superset of all necessary functionalities providing uninterrupted user data communication services in the presence of moving mobile devices. This chapter illustrates mobility requirements from the user perspective and how IEEE 802 wireless networks fit specific user needs. It presents a historical review of how mobility influences the technologies in metropolitan area networks (MAN), Local area networks (LAN), and personal area networks (PAN). Wireless MAN were originally designed as a wireless local loop. They provide high bandwidth and enable easy, low-cost cable replacement for rural and outlying areas with low population densities. Typical representatives of PANs are IEEE 802.15.1 and IEEE 802.15.3. In contrast to MANs and LANs, PANs are designed to connect peripherial devices. The radio resource management amendment provides several means to either obtain relevant measurements on a regular basis or by explicitly requesting them.