chapter  11
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Radiation Protection Programs

WithR. J. Emery, M. A. Charlton

Radiation protection programs strive to prevent or minimize the harmful effects of radiation sources for those individuals in laboratories involved with the analysis of radioactivity in food and the environment. This chapter discusses the common radiation protection program elements and provides examples of the measures that can be employed to create a successful program that protects the health and safety of individuals in the analytical laboratory work setting. It outlines a pragmatic schema for describing the overarching principles of anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of radiation sources in the laboratory. Within each principle are subprocedures or considerations which the laboratory should consider to complement their radiation protection program. Radiation safety programs employ a tiered approach to managing radiation exposures during routine laboratory operations. Ionizing radiation presents an important risk to the general public and in many workplaces. The preventive measures outline prudent steps for eliminating or mitigating the hazard posed by these ionizing radiation sources.