chapter  10
26 Pages

Planning Disassembly for Remanufacture-to-Order Systems

WithKarl Inderfurth, Ian M. Langella

This chapter focuses on how disassembly can be planned to meet the demand for parts. It examines the planning problem faced when the yields of disassembly are deterministic, formulated as an integer linear program. The chapter explores the problem through recourse models from stochastic linear programming. It provides the so-called recourse models from the realm of stochastic linear programming, starting for a single-period and later extending this to a two-period problem, under the assumption that the yield rates are stochastic. The chapter presents a singleperiod planning problem and also examines it to a general multi-period problem, highlighting the differences brought about by the inclusion of future periods. The approach resulted in infeasible solutions to certain instances, and so was corrected and extended for leaf procurement and holding costs. Several extensions will prove useful as product returns are used to fulfill demand for spare part requirements, a topic which has been receiving ever-increasing attention.