chapter  12
28 Pages

Some Studies on Remanufacturing Activities in India

WithKampan Mukherjee, Sandeep Mondal

This chapter describes the remanufacturing business scenario in India, followed by identification of the critical factors that hinder the modest success of this business as an organized sector. It discusses the remanufacturing process of a photocopier remanufacturer in India and examines the interrelationships among managerial issues through a structural model. Managerial issues relating to returns acquisition are identified as one of the key sets of issues demanding critical study for cost–benefit analysis. The chapter presents the economic analysis and formulation of a returns acquisition model. Researchers and management scientists have also focused on remanufacturing as one of the emerging areas, and various studies have been completed on relevant business issues, reverse logistics networks, production planning, and inventory decisions. Structural self-interaction matrix, depicting the contextual relationship among the sets of issues, is constructed in consultation with the management of the remanufacturing company.