chapter  5
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Proactive Yesterday, Responsive Today: Use of Information to Enhance Planning in Closed-Loop Supply Chains

WithMuhammad N. Jalil, Rob A. Zuidwijk, Harold Krikke

This chapter shows that especially in closed-loop supply chains (CLSC), uncertainty needs to be managed by using information. It aims to distinguish between two planning approaches, proactive and responsive, to indicate that information can be used in different ways. CLSC management aims at making operations more sustainable by extracting more value from products while addressing environmental and societal concerns. Planning and execution in CLSCs under uncertain conditions can be divided into the following temporal categories: strategic, tactical, and operational. The role of information management has shifted from that of support tool for general management to the development of solutions to provide supply chains with strategic advantage over their competitors. Forecasting methods are probably the most recognized information-enabling method within supply chains and are used for all kinds of planning. In addition to monitoring the product and its location information, sensing technologies could also efficiently monitor the product reliability state.