chapter  6
76 Pages

Disassembly Line Balancing

WithSeamus M. McGovern, Surendra M. Gupta

This chapter discusses the disassembly line balancing problem (DLBP) using exhaustive search and combinatorial optimization methodologies. It presents an exhaustive search algorithm for obtaining the optimal solution to small instances of the disassembly line balancing problem (DLBP). The chapter demonstrates that several promising heuristic techniques using some of the DLBP instances found in the current literature. Disassembly is the methodical extraction of valuable parts or subassemblies and materials from postused products through a series of operations. The number of different products disassembled on the same line is an important characteristic of a disassembly line. A workpiece may split into two or more workpieces as it moves on the disassembly line because of the disassembly of certain parts that hold the workpiece together. A Genetic Algorithm provides an environment in which solutions continuously crossbreed, mutate, and compete with one another until they evolve into an optimal or a near-optimal solution.