chapter  11
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Leaf-Footed Bugs (Coreidae)

Bugs in the family Coreidae are commonly known as squash bugs or leaf-footed bugs, although neither term is truly appropriate as a family name. “Squash bug” refers specifically to the New World genus


, species of which are notorious pests of cucurbitaceous crops. Worldwide, however, legumes are more likely than cucurbits to be damaged by coreids. “Leaf-footed bug” applies only to those species characterized by leaf-like dilations of the hind tibiae. Often the third antennal segment shows a similar foliation, especially in nymphs. In several species the hind femora in one or both sexes are thickened and adorned with large spines. Hogue (1993) recently coined the term “big-legged bugs” for the family, because of the latter characteristic.