chapter  14
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Shield Bugs (Scutelleridae)

The Scutelleridae is a family of heteropterans related to Pentatomidae and other Pentatomoidea. There are about 80 genera and 450 to 500 species that occur worldwide, especially in the tropics and subtropics (Kirkaldy 1909, Lattin 1964, Schuh and Slater 1995). Although all species are phytophagous, only relatively few have been reported as pests. However, one group of these pests,


spp., or Sunn pests (less frequently Senn, Shüne, or soun pests), devastate wheat crops in the Middle East and Near East (see below). In addition, several species may become pests locally, and, because many feed on developing seeds, their damage may be difficult to detect.