chapter  21
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Creeping Water Bugs (Naucoridae)

Despite their painful bites, these bugs must be considered beneficial because they often feed on dipteran larvae. Immatures of several families of noxious Diptera have been used as food in rearing experiments. Sites and Nichols (1990) reared

Ambrysus lunatus

Usinger on larvae of


sp. (Simuliidae), Hungerford (1927) fed

Pelocoris femoratus

Palisot de Beauvois on mosquito (Culicidae) and midge (Chironomidae) larvae, and McPherson et al. (1987) reared

P. femoratus



sp. (Chaoboridae) larvae. In feeding trials, Clarke and Baroudy (1990) showed that

Laccocoris limigenus

(Stål) prefers midge larvae to oligochaetes. Several papers cite

Ilyocoris cimicoides

(L.) as feeding on mosquito larvae and pupae (i.e., Eysell 1905, Hamlyn-Harris 1929), including


sp. (Federici 1920). Wladimirow and Smirnov (1932) found that

I. cimicoides

would consume eight mosquito larvae per day.