chapter  2
46 Pages

Signal Amplification-Based Techniques

WithDavid A. Hendricks, Lorraine Comanor

This chapter focuses on signal amplification technologies. It reviews the molecular bases and inherent properties of the signal amplification technologies that support the many commercial kits and laboratory-developed assays. The chapter discusses the possible ramifications of performance features that could affect clinical decisions. It also reviews major human infectious diseases, primarily those with viral etiologies and summarizes the roles of assays that employ signal amplification in better understanding these diseases and in managing care for people afflicted with them. Invader technology has applications both in detection of single nucleotide changes and in quantification of specific nucleic acids. Ribonucleic acid detection and quantification are possible via the Invader technology along with several small design changes. The performance features of an assay directly impact its clinical utility. An assay with greater sensitivity may be more suitable to diagnose patients with infections or a signature nucleic acid than an assay with lesser sensitivity.