chapter  Chapter 11
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Solid State Batteries

WithChristian Julien

This chapter discusses the applications of solid state ionic materials as solid state battery components within the framework. It highlights some recent solid state battery and microbattery developments. Solid state ionic materials have been extensively developed, and applications of solid elertrolytes as well as insertion compounds have begun to converge into a coherent field. Microsolid state batteries in the form of thin films partly avoid the interface contact difficulty and can be used as devices in microelectronics. Commercially available solid electrolyte batteries use a lithium anode which is attractive because this metal is strongly electropositive. Lithium solid state microbatteries, which consist of a thin-film electrolyte sandwiched between two thin-film electrodes, have been realized and give high performances. Due to the high ionic conductivity of silver and copper solid electrolytes, several silver and copper microbatteries have been fabricated early, and it was found that they are impractical, with a low energy density and high cost.