chapter  1
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Particle Technology—Then and Now—A Perspective

WithReg Davies

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) in the United Kingdom initiated a new Particle Technology initiative entitled the UK Particle Technology Forum. In 1945, Dallavalle predicted that the science and technology of fine particles would be of major importance to future consumer products. It is significant to note that America hardly listened, whereas Japan and Northern Europe listened well, and developed the field. The Particle Technology Group at Loughborough University in England was specializing in fluidization but expanded to broader particle technology research in 1963. The IChemE Particle Technology Subject Group was formed in England in 1980 under the chairmanship of Professor Don Freshwater. It continues today and has a membership of around 300. The AIChE Particle Technology Forum was formed in 1993 in an attempt to better link particle science and technology with engineering. The state of New Jersey supported a Center in Particle Coating Technology at New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1997.