chapter  10
18 Pages

Imaging of Particle Size and Concentration in Heterogeneous Scattering Media Using Multispectral Diffuse Optical Tomography

WithC. Li, H. Jiang

This chapter aims to review optical spectroscopy and imaging techniques for measuring particle size and concentration. It focuses on an emerging tomographic technique called diffuse optical tomography (DOT), while optical spectroscopic techniques. The chapter reviews various optical spectroscopic techniques for particle sizing. The chapter describes multispectral diffuse optical tomography for particle sizing. The Boltzmann transport equation describes incoherent photon propagation through highly scattering media such as tissue. Since an analytical solution to the Boltzmann transport or the diffusion equation is not available in a realistic situation, numerical methods must be used for most cases. The chapter also reviews emerging optical techniques for imaging particle size and concentration with a focus on multi-DOT. The simulations, phantom, and ex vivo studies show that it is possible to extract cellular/subcellular morphological information from breast tissue using multispectral DOT. For realistic finite homo- or heterogeneous media such as tissue, the boundary effects/conditions must be accounted for.