chapter  11
14 Pages

Surfactants/Hybrid Polymers and Their Nanoparticles for Personal Care Applications

WithP. Somasundaran, P. Deo

In this chapter, the authors examine development of systems based on polymer/surfactant colloid chemistry so as to acquire transport and release of cosmetic and pharmaceutical molecules at desired rates and at desired sites based on the principles. Many surfactants and polymers with appropriate modifications can be tuned to simulate such responses. In the personal care industry, surfactants are primarily used for emulsion stabilization as well as for imparting properties that include detergency, solubilization, conditioning, thickening, and emolliency. In many cases, mixed surfactants perform much better than single surfactants due to synergetic effects and ability to alleviate precipitation. Various mechanisms involving a combination of the following factors have been proposed for interactions among surfactants and substrates. Mixtures of surfactants normally yield improved solution and interfacial properties compared to their individual components. Adsorption of surfactant mixtures can be synergistic or competitive and can be manipulated for practical applications better than the adsorption of single surfactants.