chapter  6
22 Pages

Product Engineering of Nanoscaled Materials

WithW. Peukert, A. Voronov

A major trend in Chemical Engineering and Particle Technology is the shift from commodities toward high-end products with specific properties and functionality. Since nanoparticles are controlled by surface forces rather than by volume forces, control of particulate interfaces is the critical issue in nanoparticle technology and in product engineering of nanoscaled systems. The property function relates the particulate structure to the product properties. Process parameters are the type of unit operations, their interconnection in the process, the process conditions under which the unit operations are operated, and the materials processed. A coating procedure based on triboelectrical charging of the particles in the liquid phase was investigated for pharmaceutical powders in order to improve powder flow. Physisorption of block copolymers or graft copolymers occurs in the presence of selective solvents or selective surfaces, giving rise to selective solvation and selective adsorption, respectively.