chapter  18
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Advances in the Prevention and Treatment of Age-Related Organic Memory Disorders

WithJosé León-Carrión, María Rosario Domínguez-Morales, Juan Manuel Barroso y Martín

Memory disorders may seriously affect activities of daily living and can be incapacitating. There exist, however, what can be called “normal” memory problems that one not pathological in old age but rather associated with normal aging; pathological memory disorders directly derived from some neurological illness; and functional memory problems related to depression and situational aspects. When memory disorders are due to degenerative illnesses such as dementing processes already established in a patient, the possibilities of treatment with minimum effectiveness are limited if not impossible. Compensation is the most common strategy for memory disorders, but not the best. Compensation as a method to treat memory disorders should only be used when the deficit presented by the patient has been demonstrated as resistant to any other method of treatment. Prevention of age-related memory disorders should begin by avoiding stroke risk factors.